Rambling and Trekking saddle – Model “AVENTURE”

Custom made saddle for outside

The “AVENTURE” model gives excellent comfort both for the rider and for the horse.

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“AVENTURE” Rambling and trekking saddle

The ultimate rambling and trekking saddle. It was designed by the workshop and is a registered design. Completely handmade, it gives excellent comfort for long hours of horseriding.

  • Semi-deep saddle (shape of the saddle can be adapted according to client’s request), the small flaps are flattened so as not to cut into the leatherwork of the saddle and to increase its durability
  • V-shaped girth in a V-shape to better fix the saddle
  • The skirts are wide to spread the weight over the back of the horse and adapt to its morphology
  • Mono flap and low girth strap for the basic version, this saddle can also be made with double flaps
  • The shape of this saddle has been studied for both lunging and outside exercise

It is equipped with hooks necessary to fix bags. They are reinforced and specially adapted to stop the bags moving around.

This saddle is made using vegetable or chrome tanned French leather depending on the use of the saddle.

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