CSO Saddle “PERFORMANCE” model

Saddle of custom-made CSO conceived(designed) for the sport and the competition … Completely realized in the hand, your saddle will be realized to measure according to your expectations(waits) and to your needs. She(it) is built on a pommel of the French arçonnerie, protected from quality and from longevity. For a personalized estimate, thank you for contacting us

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Custom made CSO saddle with high-quality French leather. Available in all sizes.

The shape of the seat (flat or deep) and the whole saddle is designed to give maximum comfort, perfect balance and maximum contact.

  • French saddletree with 5 year warranty, latex or polyurethane foam depending on the firmness desired.
  • The size, shape and width of the seat are defined with the rider, taking into account his/her needs and wishes
  • The size of the front and rear flaps and the position of the knee blocks can be personnalised. The skirts are wide to spread the weight evenly over the horses back.
  • The back and front panels can be made with the colour of your choice to personalize your saddle.

All our saddles are custom made and only on order which enables us to propose a unique and personalized article.

The articles made by Atelier de Pravins are made with high quality materials, using expert skills, for demanding clients who require a reliable and high quality article.

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