The workshop

A place for creativity and technicality

The Atelier Pravins is dedicated to horse lovers and those with a passion for noble materials. Because passion is a thing to be shared and passed on, we put our craftsmanship to the service of equestrianism and leatherworking. Our expertise relies on the processing of leather, a prestigious, authentic material.

From the selection of raw materials to the pattern-making phase by way of cutting, shaping, bedecking and stitching, everything is meticulously thought out for the safety and comfort of horses and riders. In the field of leatherworking, the unique, stylised, and contemporary pieces we make are designed and crafted at the workshop.

The combination of creativity and technicality is at the core of our workshop. Here, matter is everywhere, from leather and linen thread to wool and horsehair by way of greases and buckle elements. It is an intimate place we share with our clients who are eager to request made-to-measure quality items.


A mix of authenticity and sophistication.

The search for new materials, curiosity, innovation and precision are essential qualities for whoever works with excellence in mind. The collaborators of Atelier Pravins are trained in the field of saddlery, giving them perfect mastery of its techniques. In the making of our creations, we rely both on tools with a history of several decades and cutting-edge technologies.

Manual smartness, the precision of gestures and the combination of patience with passion remain the primordial elements that give life to the noblest hides.

Commitment & Passion

When the story is continued

Atelier Pravins carries on the knowledge and tradition of leatherworking applied to equestrian art and to elegance.

The workshop was created in 2010 by Carole and Philippe, two enthusiasts of the equestrian world. In 2023, the story is yet to be continued by another duo at the head of the company, Françoise Bally and Albéric de Calonne. With their love for horses and their commitment to French-style craftsmanship, they will follow on with the help of the historical team’s presence and reinforced specific skills, as well as that of a network of quality partners, suppliers and distributors.

Attentive of its customers, the Atelier is at their service to meet every need with a solution, from repairs to creations and tailor-made service. Putting innovation at the service of the rider’s performance and of the horse’s well-being remains a priority.

The man-horse relationship is a unique alchemy that relies on trust and authenticity. It is on these same values that Atelier Pravins relies to make its range of high-end products shine out in France and internationally thanks to its French making and its short supply chain, which are in keeping with responsible, ethical commitments.