The workshop

The Atelier de Pravins is situated in the heart of the Beaujolais surrounded by vineyards and forests and will appeal to both horse lovers and connaisseurs of high-quality goods alike. Carole and Philippe, husband and wife, share the same passions and combine their skills in crafting leather. Philippe, with his technical background, specializes in saddlery; whilst Carole devotes her creative skills to designing and making handbags, belts, wallets…. a complete range of fine leather goods. Our workshop is full of the textures and scents of the finest quality materials, leather, saddle oil, linen yarn, wool, horse hair, fastenings…

The workshop adjacent to our house is an intimate place where our clients can come to order unique and custom-made articles. Philippe shares his experience in riding equipment, advises on riding positions, the choice of materials depending on the horse’s morphology. Carole’s creations are inspired by nature’s colours, current fashions and the elegance of riding styles. Our unique products, stamped with our style, are the fruits of discussions with our clients and adapted to their requirements.


Philippe, an engineer by trade, has combined his technical skills with his natural curiosity, his taste for detail and his love of handling and crafting natural materials. He has followed several training courses in saddlery, which have allowed him to learn different techniques, meet the masters of the trade and to visit the largest French tanneries. For certain items, he uses both very old tools and cutting-edge technology side by side to achieve the desired result. Beyond the tools and the technical expertise (pattern making, cutting, trimming, stitching), saddling a horse requires dexterity, patience and a good dose of passion.

Carole’s creations, made of the finest leather and crafted using saddle stitch, are all named after races of horses. The collection represents both authenticity and refinement.

Horses and Elegance

Throughout the ages, men have clad horses, initially for labour and then for aesthetic reasons. At the workshop, we act as tailors to create aesthetic, functional and innovative accessories for these superb creatures. Women have also always loved leather, for clothes, shoes, gloves, bags…..A leather bag or accessory finishes off an outfit, enhances and gives style. We are proud to have such superb models to wear our creations.

Fine, elegant leather goods for equestrians and women who appreciate quality and the personal touch.